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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy can be defined as a helping process which deals with how and why people think, feel and act as they do.
How do I know if I need to be in Therapy?
If you feel tried or listless for an extended period of time, are often anxious, irritable, worried, unmotivated, generally dissatisfied and unhappy for no clear reason, then you know something isn't right. If there isn't anything physically wrong with you, then the problem may be psychological.
How does the relationship between the therapist and me develop? How will this help me with my problems?
The primary way most relationships develop is through communication - talking. This is also true of the psychotherapeutic relationship. The relationship between you and the therapist is based on confidentiality and trust.
How long will I have to see a therapist and how often?
Generally, most clients are seen once per week between 45 and 50 minutes for each session. How long and how often you will be seen is determined by your needs and goals. Every client is very different.
Will I have a say in choosing a particular therapist? (Male or Female)
We think it is important that you have a say about your treatment, therefore, your preference of a therapist is usually given the highest consideration.
Where would therapy take place?
Your therapy normally takes place in the privacy of your therapist's office.
While in therapy, will my sessions dig into my past or deal with the present?
Generally, you will begin your sessions on the present and the reasons that brought you into therapy in the first place, then go on from there.
Should I tell my family or friends that I am in therapy?
That depends completely on you, but a certain amount of discretion is always a good policy. You should discuss this with your therapist.
If I am in therapy, does that mean I am a disturbed individual?
NO, Not at all. It indicates that you are willing to better your present life.
When is it advisable for the entire family to see a psychotherapist?
When communication among family members has broken down, or when your therapist feels it could help with your goals.
What about medication and psychotherapy?
Generally, the decision to consider the use of medication is made between you and your therapist.
Will my health insurance carrier pay for my therapy?
Yes and or No, the accounting department will contact your insurance carrier to find out if you do have coverage, and what type of coverage you have.
How do I get an appointment with a therapist?
You can email or call us using the information listed at the top of this page.

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